Dear Humans,
my brothers and sisters, there is the need for a riot.
It permeates every second of every minute of every day of our lives.
The "tick" of our lives is driven by activities that keep us entertained, involved in everything and nothing at the same time. We are surrounded by news, social media, consumable art, etc... and we suffocate trying to speak with our own voice. We keep using money as a device for escapism, to reach always new and bigger thrills that our mind is not able to convice on its own anymore.
I believe that this is a breaking point, a moment to step back and learn how to savor life in its primal form once again. A moment where we count our freedoms and we are grateful for what we have, for thinking about who fights even for basic human rights makes me burn in white hot rage when looking at bored faces meaninglessly swiping Netflix programmes.
I believe I am not alone. I believe that there are humans like me living in the misery and suffering drawn by the mere observation of the species.
I ask you to rise.

What is this all about?

On this website you won't find any "Share" or "Like" buttons. We write as human beings and we articulate our mind into written words.
We will write about the demise of technology for we are workers into the industry.
We will write about our discovery of nature for we hike into the beauty of mother earth.
We will write about our take on modern life for we are living.
This is not a blog, not a social platform, not a news website.
This is where we think and discuss. A forum, a romantic and hellenic circle of animals who take part in the circle of life on the planet.


Where the road leads


Honestly, I don't know. I don't know where anything is headed
Feeling like a crumble of dust in the wind.
Looping on familiar trails has become an habit,
looking around for husks of places lost in times
like an hermit, crab or not,
dreaming of houses I never dwelved in
hoping about times I did not lived into
nostalgic about a past I was not part of
stranger in a strange land.
But I do not feel bored
I do not perceive disdain.
As always, the only way is ahead
for what? It's not my task to know.
I just know I will be ready
to walk onto the next path.

Fear in the creek


Leaves on the ground covering the way
and a breeze, down in the valley,
like an hawk swooping on its prey.

The way is lost;
a path into nothingness
appears in front of me:
I have no choice but to follow it
The way is lost:
and, in the end, it was a lie.
A puppet all along
stucked in a corner
The way is lost:
No way back and no way onward.
Leap of faith
The leaves, covering my view before, an helpful bed now

The wood is protecting me
I'm invincible
I'm the breeze swooping down
Until next time

Encounter in the storm


Last weekend I could finally go hiking again and I chose a very difficult hike for winter time. I started early in the morning from Walchensee, a small village in southern Bayern, and hiked through the woods to the first peak, Herzogstand. It was snowing a little already and as usual I didn't care much. During the 2 hours it took to reach the peak I found myself lost in a trance. Perfectly camouflaged rocks hiding behind frozen blades of grass formed huge steep walls all around me. In the last part of the ascent the weather started to get worse and the snow was now hitting pretty hard so I've found shelter at the cablecar station on the peak and gobbled some food. From there I started the hardest part of the hike, a 2.5 kilometers walk on the crest between Herzogstand and Heimgarten, the final goal of the day before the descent back to the village. Now on a summer day that makes a really nice experience, very exposed but still very secure. On a winter day during a storm it's a whole different story, the path on the crest was completly full of snow forming a long, never ending blade of soft powdery snow covered by a thin layer of ice. There's a little down climb to do to reach the crest and, because of the strong winds, the wall was completely covered in hard ice, very dangerous but also very very exciting!

Halfway through the crest I raise my head to see the path before me and I see a strong, majestic creature standing in front of me, short of 15 meters away. I froze, it was a beautiful male wild goat. Standing tall in the storm that by now had picked up a concerning strength he tried to tell me to stop but his cry got lost in the wind. We stared at each other for a while, my heartbeat picked up, I was scared because I had nowhere to run, the crest was narrow and full of snow, if he decided to engage I'd end up falling down one of the steep faces and die. I tried not to show how nervous I was while secretly enjoying this precious moment of community with nature and without thinking I dropped my ice axe and bowed to the magnificent beast. He started bending his head and his cry was louder, I close my eyes and after a few seconds I saw him turning and disappearing down the eastern face of the mountain. With relief I started walking, still not believing what had just happened and after another 40 minutes of struggle through the blades of snow I reach the final push to get to the top, I checked the map and figured I was 50 meters below the top. With renewed energy I started walking but after a few steps I found myself kneeling in the deep snow without a reason, my strength was depleted and I was running low on sugars so, with winds blowing at around 50 kilometers per hour from the north, I tried to get my backpack down to find some chocolate, sweat freezing on my back and my fingers were so numb that it took me around 5 minutes to open the rucksack. Colors became bright again and I reached the top in no time, I smiled and stopped for a moment thinking about what a crazy adventure had it been so far.

It's time for the descent! A long, unnerving way on the side of the very steep north face of the Heimgarten, hips deep sugary snow imparing my every step. It took another 3 hours to encompass those last 5-6 kilometers but by the time darkness came down on the valley I was kicking off my boots in the trunk of my truck.



I walk alone on the ridge
slowly proceeding
while an everlasting wind
blows against me
The hut a skeleton of its former self:
what happened to it?
Who or what burnt it to the ground?
Only the mountain knows.
The night now upon me
What will it be of me I don't know
the only certainty is that
I'll keep walking alone on the ridge.

Dead of Night


In the dead of night,
When no moon shines,
Bare trees hang their branches,
Long scrawny fingers,
They grasp my heavy heart
With solitude.
I have to march
A weary soul crosses my path,
In the dead of night,
Under a starry sky,
I am alive,
I am the night.

Paying the toll


It's never enough. I don't think it will ever be.
Hiking, mountainbiking, climbing, dwelving into caves, through woods. It's all a part of the same thing.
Like a bone is the part of a skeleton. A part of something bigger that you need complete in order to live properly.
There's no way around it. No half measure. No unimportant piece. No minor thing. No expendable part.
I will have to pay the toll, probably sooner than later. There's no way around it. It's just have the courage to admit to myself
that I cannot live without the whole ensemble. Every passing day tells me that it will be worth it in the future. But it's hard.
Harder than one can think, since society is completely against this. It's just a continuous "don't waste your time on these silly things".
But I think i see the gears now. I can break free from the cage. I can unshackle the chains.
And it will be glorious.

The blessing of the Night


For reasons to me unknown I can't put all the pieces together. I will try to reconstruct my last night.
I can recall my first step in woods, it was as heavy as the gloom that was grasping my soul, dragging it down deep into the earth beneath my boot.
The moon was veiled with heavy dark clouds running madly across the sky. It was fear, a fear of the dark and unknown.
The air was humid and it was really hard to breath, our headlamps bright were reflected in our faces by the haze.
We were aliens into a hostile new planet, our movements clunky, slow and noisy.
The sound of the water was hypnotic like an ancient, dark chanting inviting us into a trance.
The woods were suddently alive and the trees were talking to us, luring us deeper into the heart of the forest, sending its servants to open our way and lead us to the majestic waterfall we were looking for as water was our host last night.
Toads and slugs lead us to abandoned houses, my heart pounding at each small noise around them, each shadow between the trees became a monster as if the forest was looking at us, judging each goofy step we were taking.
I was out of breath. I felt like giving up. I was not ready to conquer water.
Suddently the waterfall, I looked up and saw the moon. Furious clouds still robbing us of her cold light.
I felt strong. I finally gave in to the invitation.
The moon was testing our resolve and we were strong, she approved.
We started dancing and twisting with the woods and its guests, the wind was cold and we were turning and jumping through rocks and roots.
No more fear.
No shadow was looking at us on the way back, we were all dancing together, running and laughing with them.
We left the woods and the clouds were gone, a big, full moon shining on top of us as we waved goodbye to our friends.
Deers came out of the forest for a last farewell.
I don't recall last night exactly but I now know the forest is my friend and its inhabitants my brothers and sisters and that I can always count on them when our life of desperation will scorch my soul once again.
The only thing I'm sure of about last night is that mother nature was walking and running with us, and we got blessed.


A dream-quest in the Night


It was probably a dream amidst the woods: darkness around us, a deafening creek and a cold wind against our skins are everything I remember of.
It was probably a dream since the time was blending with the space, the fear in my heart was everything I could feel the first inhabitant of the woods were finally visible in the many toads I clearly have in my mind like imprinted images in my brain, the only friendly inhabitant of the place I can remember of, keepers of the forest leading the way for us.
It was probably a dream and I remember whispers saying to me that fire is the strongest element, but water is way louder and I could barely hear my quicken breathe that only got faster when passing before the abandoned houses along the track: were they really abandoned? Could anybody abruptly come out from them and threathen us? When the night is dark and you have nothing but your bare hands to defend yourself everything is scary, every noise, every shadow, every shade you think to see moving between the trees.
It was probably a dream but nothing could stop us since after the fire we had to conquer water and the waterfall was not very far and I remember we found two of them in the end.
It was probably a dream and the moon shined upon us, like a blessing on our courage and determination to complete the journey and as the moon faded back away into the clouds we felt stronger, we felt more determined, we felt like part of the forest and nothing would have been threatening us anymore.
It was probably a dream and suddenly we found ourselves running through the trees, with the forest dancing with us in a magical ballad with the wind as the only instrument playing it.
It was probably a dream but nothing has ever felt more real and has ever touched my soul so deeply that I feel some kind of scar on it and I cry thinking about it and about how infinite and immediate at the same time that moment was. But it was probably a dream.


The flame has been lit


The night between 14 and 15 October will be forever a special one: a light sparkled in the night, a flame was lit in our spirit. We began a journey on the mountains, by night, with no light except the flame.
From here onwards only the moon over our head shed a light in the darkness, but it was a very welcomed one. We are so used to many useless comfort in our lives. There's no need for many of them, it's often enough to take advantage of what Mother Nature gift us. A Moon over the mountain shines, casting its glow upon the woods where we proudly heed the call to defend our sacred world [1]. Going back home we were barely able to contain this overwhelming spiritual excitement due to the uncontainable emotions we traversed during the hike. Living in symbiosis with the nature, that's all we crave.

[1] Freely drawn from "A Moon over the Vale"

More to come

Hey everyone! We just landed and we are working on content for our revolt. Stay tuned!

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March against climate change in Germany on Friday 20.09.2019, link (DE) to article.
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